Ogilvies' Restoration Project
In August 1955, Ogilvie & Sons Hardware broke ground for an ambitious expansion, building a 7,000 square foot, thirty-feet high lumber shed. Starting in late August, the crew finished in mid-January, creating what was at the time the largest open truss building in the North East. Having survived the blizzard of '78 as well as numerous New England weather anomalies, it still remains standing and helps service many contractors with all their building needs.

Thirty-five photos in all, these originally hung in the shed's office and were in pretty rough shape (a few were mounted with roofing staples). Yet, to my pleasant surprise, I found these pictures took to the restorative process very well and am thrilled with the results.

To see the all 35 restored photos check out our online album!
Before & After
Selected Highlights

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