​Illustrators Ben Hatke and Zack Giallongo discuss various monsters throughout mythology and draw a piece of art based on each creature!

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In October 2017, Zack approached about producing a podcast concerning monsters. My answer, of course, was an enthusiastic yes. Though there was an obvious challenge... how do we combine the visuals with an audio podcast?

YouTube was an obvious answer, but we didn't want to limit the project solely to one platform. So, together we strategized ways to promote the artwork around the audio at every opportunity: thumbnails, social media, and an outro (starring yours-truly) that pointed listeners to our website so they could "see more."

In addition to producing, I also serve as audio engineer. This essentially means that I remix everything for clarity. This includes the usual noise reduction, normalization, and compression, though certain episodes required more nuanced mixing (particularly when Ben was recording from Italy).  

Working on this project has been a marvelous experience for everyone involved and I believe it shows in the end result!

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