Be the Change is a 2022-2023 art and activism initiative that is inspired by the Jewish tenet of justice and drawing from the ritualistic Jewish Tzedakah box. Six local artists are chosen to create sculptures that are displayed in the Fenway area of Boston. Each sculpture represents an injustice (such as transgender equality and domestic violence), helping viewers to connect with these issues of injustice and empower them to become agents of change.

Taking place in Boston, Cincinnati, L.A., and online! To find out more, please visit:
(Please note, the website I worked on is no longer available. As such, the link above directs to an archived version via The Way Back Machine.)
This portion of Be the Change is a three part online series in which two contributing artists discuss their artwork. The artists are joined by experts on the topics represented by the artwork, creating a deeper understanding of the art as well as the context in which they were created. 

  I supervised all aspects of production/post-production for this series, including coordinating the a/v checks, closed captioning, and visual graphics in addition to all the editing and encoding. I'm extremely honored to have been a part of this program and hope it continues to inspire viewers to be advocates of change.

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