Midnite Romero Society, Roadshow Intro
In October 2020, when our film series, Grindhouse at the Firehouse, was postponed due to COVID, Midnite Romero Society decided to branch out to online streaming as well as do a series of screenings at pop-up drive-ins. As such, we wanted to create an intro which showcased our organization before events began.
MRS TV, Intro
In April 2020, as the pandemic was just beginning and all of our events postponed, M.R.S. did a series of regular live streams called MRS TV. They took place three times per week over the course of two months and played an assortment of movies, TV shows and shorts. Regular breaks would take place and the below intro would be played to indicate that the program was resuming.
Grindhouse at the Firehouse
Similar to the above intros, this one would be played at as the program was beginning.

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