Grindhouse at the Firehouse
Grindhouse at the Firehouse is a monthly series that screens all the cult, horror, art-house, samurai, kung-fu and very weird movies film buffs love! Presented by the Midnite Romero Society and hosted at ātac: downtown arts + music, the series is programmed for cinephiles by cinephiles! Postponed due to COVID.
Hallo'Boogie was a virtual, month-long Halloween celebration hosted by the Midnite Romero Society in October 2020. It featured online readings, collection tours, dance nights, a burlesque show, trivia contests and more.
Midnite Romero Society
Midnite Romero Society is an independent film enthusiast organization based out of Holliston, MA. Being a multimedia company, M.R.S. requires a large amount of assets for its diverse promotions.
Process is a series of talks with artists and performers hosted by the Mazing Things Art Center. They have 20-30 minutes to speak to whichever part of their process they choose, with equal time for audience questions and comments.Artists may present on old or new works, thoughts on a concept, an experience, or anything related to the art-making process.
Reels Meals Automobiles
A drive-in series I programmed as well as did the marketing design for, occurring every Saturday in July 2021. Hosted By The Plymouth Church of Framingham & presented by atac: downtown arts + music.
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