In July 2020, Midnite Romero Society was approached by Kooksville Co-Op, a local tee shirt company, to contribute to a virtual summer camp promotion they were running called CAMP KOOKSVILLE. 
My wife, Jenny, and I would go on to play Camp Kooksville counselors who were in charge the camp's movie nights, giving film recommendations every week. 
Additionally, every episode contain a skit which parodied the film we were recommending. In these skits, Jenny and I portrayed stereotypical counselors found in 1980s horror movies: Jenny being the bubbly yet clever counselor, whereas I personified the irresponsible drunkard counselor. 
Each episode was shot and edited over the course of a day, mostly in our backyard/garage, during the 2021 Covid-19 pandemic with no budget. Enjoy!

The Beginning

Week One

Week Two

Week Four

Zombie Makeup Time lapse

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