In creating logos for an article series, I try to capture the personality of the writer as well the perspective they're writing from in a visual way. For example, The Melted Face logo may be off-putting to some with its gore and grime, however, so are the films which that series covers. So, in a way, the logo serves as a visual indicator for what the reader should expect, essentially judging a book by its cover. Similar can be said for Depth of Field, with its subtle blur and sharpening to the foreground indicating the unexpected nuances within the movies that are highlighted by the series. All to say, different articles appeal to different sensibilities and the job of the designer is to render these unique qualities visually, regardless of content.
The Melted Face, logo & elements
The Melted Face, Rating System Elements
Depth of field, Main logo & varation
Additional Article Series Logos
Grindhouse at the Firehouse
Logos for Special M.R.S. Events

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