David Universe is an energetic writer (sometimes poet), photo editor, graphic designer, project manager & cinephile. Experienced in working independently, within a team, as well as being a producer for creative and professional projects. Highly skilled in team building, task delegation, oral/written communication, and marketing design. Also great at crafting promotions, photo restoration, video/audio editing, as well as other digital wizardry.

In 2017, he founded the Midnite Romero Society, a film appreciation society that hosts local/virtual screenings, discussions, as well as publishes cinema-focused articles. 

Currently, David is the Digital Media Director for the Jewish Arts Collaborative where he is an active producer for multiple projects, including Be the Change (a national public arts movement) and Studio Israel (a virtual interview series). Additionally, David is producer/audio engineer for podcasts Midnite Cast and Ben and Zack's Monster Market, as well as the acting Project Coordinator for Hallo'Boogie (an annual Halloween celebration).

For any inquiries, collaboration ideas, or just to say hello, please contact David through the Contact Page.
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